Legendary Green Bay Packer defensive lineman Gilbert Brown love’s to eat and he loves Jake’s.  So we created a sandwich   that packs as much wallop as number 93 had when he was flattening quarterbacks up at Lambeau Field.

Thats a big sandwich!

Thats a big sandwich!

This is a Challenge truly worthy of the GraveDigger name that Gilbert earned while steam rolling offensive lineman for the Green Bay Packers.  If you challenge the Grave Digger and eat it all in 39 minutes, you’ll go down in history at Jake’s and get your picture on the wall right next to Gilbert’s!

Get your picture enshrined on the wall at Jake's, right next to the GraveDigger.

Get your picture enshrined on the wall at Jake’s, right next to the GraveDigger.

Every person that defeats the GraveDigger Challenge gets the the Sandwich for FREE & their picture on the wall at Jake’s! But thats not where it stops, they also win a Jake’s T-Shirt, Jakes Sunglasses, a coupon for a free regular size sandwich and a signed 8×10 photo of the GraveDigger himself.

Every challenger regardless of the outcome gets a Signed 8x10 of Gilbert just like the canvas print he's holding.

Every challenger regardless of the outcome gets a Signed 8×10 of Gilbert just like the canvas print he’s holding.

For every challenge of the GraveDigger Jake’s will donate 50% of the purchase price to the Gilbert Brown Foundation whose mission is to service youth in an environment that promotes structure and life skills awareness, by introducing team building skills and promoting diversity in the community.

Heres the skinny on how we make it:

We start with a whole loaf of Miller Rye and core out some of the bread to make room for all of the deliciousness that’s stuffed inside.  Next a generous amount of  spicy brown mustard and mayo provide the proper accompainment  to three pounds of our famous corned beef!  Then we add in a  1/2 lb. each of sautéed peppers & onions, and smother everything with 1/2 lb. of aged provolone cheese.

All total this sandwich weighs in at just over 5 lbs!

Anyone Hungry?

Anyone Hungry?

Here’s the official rules of the contest:

  • Currently the GraveDigger Challenge is ONLY available at our North Avenue Location.
  • The GraveDigger challenge is for Dine in Only  and must be attempted between the hours of 10am and 3pm Monday-Saturday.
  • Challenger must eat the entire GraveDigger and pickle within 39 minutes. The GraveDigger is ALWAYS Corned Beef!
  • The GraveDigger costs $29.93 if the challenger is defeated by The GraveDigger.
  •  50% of the purchase is donated to The Gilbert Brown Foundation.

See you at the deli!